Eyal Golan Retrospective: Playlist – 24th November 2013

Click here to listen to the show on the TLV1.fm website

With the recent controversy about Eyal Golan, a leading Israeli station has removed his music from their playlist, although they claim the decision is unconnected with the police case. Here at Kol Cambridge we believe that one is innocent until proven guilty, and certainly do not believe in trial by media.

Therefore, in response, we bring you the Eyal Golan retrospective:

HaLev al Hashulchan Levadi Boi Nivrach Mi SheMa’amin Neshika Achat Mimech Al Tilchi Li Ken shel Ahava (w Ethnix) Malkat HaYofi Sheli Kmo Ruach Saara / Nesichat HaIr / Pina BaLev Million o Dollar Yafa Sheli

#Ethnix #EyalGolan

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