Playlist – 11th June 2015 – Moshe Peretz Album Celebration

Ani Kan Bishvilech – Moshe Peretz Tihiye Meushar – Moshe Peretz Laila Lavan – Moshe Peretz & Itzik Shamli Gibor shel Ima – Moshe Peretz Ach Sheli – Moshe Peretz Simanei HaZman – Moshe Peretz Ani VeHaLevad Sheli – Moshe Peretz Milionim – Moshe Peretz Gam im HaOlam Yithapech – Moshe Peretz Mi Ze – Ben Eliakim Achizat HaLev – Ben Eliakim Ein Li Sibot – Ben Eliakim Mahapecha shel Simcha – Lior Narkis & Omer Adam Terminal 3 – Dudu Aharon Things Can Only Get Better – YoAv Arnon & Shay Rokach ft Amir F Guttman

#ItzikShamli #MoshePeretz #YoAvArnon #OmerAdam #DuduAharon #LiorNarkis #AmirFGuttman #BenEliakim #ShayRokach

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