Playlist – 18th April 2019 – Pesach Special

Hafuch MiHayekum – Eyal Golan Olam Yafe V’Chadash – Lior Narkis Ma Niya – Formula 2019 – Stephane Legare Mashu Chayav Likrot – Shlomo Artzi & Mosh Ben-Ari Loop – Amir V’Ben Dayeinu – The Maccabeats Mah Nishtanah – The Maccabeats Go Down Moses – Louis Armstrong Get Down Moses (Let My People Flow) – Dr J Money & the OGs Ma Nishtana V’hi She’Amda Avadimm Hayinu Adir Hu Dayeinu Ki Lo Na’e Chad Gadya

#AmirVBen #EyalGolan #Formula

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