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Playlist – 19th January 2014: Revivo Project Interview

Click here to listen to the show via the website

Merov Ahava – Monica Sex Achshav Ze Tov – Shani Mayo Derech Chadash ft. George – Messika Lakum Machar – Startup Ten Lazman Lalechet- The Revivo Project Eifo HaYamim – The Revivo Project Mandelbaum- Edna Goren Ha’ir Be’afor – Shlishi’yat Gesher HaYarkon Shir beArba Batim – Ofira Gluska Machrozet Shabbat – The Revivo Project Mah Norah! – Chaim David Hora – Oi Va Voi

#MonicaSex #Startup #OfiraGluska #OiVaVoi #ShaniMayo #TheRevivoProject #EdnaGoren #AviMessika #ShlishiyatGesherHaYarkon #ChaimDavid

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