Playlist – 23rd March 2017

Argentina – HaUltras with Adir Getz & DJ Only Hafuch MiAhava – HaUltras with Tzachi HaLevy Gever Ohev – HaUltras with Idan Gabai Eize Laila Holech Lihiyot – HaUltras Ma Yihiye Itcha? – Nofar Batat Chatuna – Yosi Shitrit TRX – Riko Davka Ito – Kartix & Doron Biton Al Mai – Omer Adam Af Echad Lo Yoshev Po – Omer Adam Taane La – Omer Adam Elayich Shar – Omer Adam Tahbil Tirbach – Reva L’Africa HaKol Od Lefanai – Hatikva 6 Lenatzeach et HaPachad – Yarden Azulai

#OmerAdam #Riko #YossiShitrit #Kartix #DJOnly #IdanGabai #DoronBiton #HaUltras #YardenAzulai #TzachiHaLevy #NofarBatat #AdirGetz #Hatikva6 #RevaLAfrica

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