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Playlist – 25th December 2014 – with special guest, Gad Johnson

Gad Johnson

Gad Johnson

Join us as we host hot new Israeli talent, Gad Johnson in the studio!

Ata Bamidbar – Gad Johnson Be’emtza Yom Avoda – Gad Johnson Mashehu Meshuga – Gad Johnson Akeda – Gad Johnson Korea T’Chutim – Gad Johnson Kochavim – Tislam BaLeilot HaKayitz HeChamim – Matti Caspi Teatron Rusi – Eviatar Banai Ahuvati Sheli Livnat Tzavar – Kobi Recht

Like Gad on Facebook and pick up his music via his Bandcamp or on iTunes.

#MattiCaspi #EviatarBanai #KobiRecht #Tislam #GadJohnson

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