Playlist – 29th September 2013: Engagement Special!

Listen now on the TLV1 website

Isha MeHaShamayim – Gilad Segev Yalda Sukar – Mook E Asir Ahava – Momy Levy At – Mosh Ben-Ari Hazmana Le Hatuna – Uri Banai Matai Hatuna – Zehava Ben I Love You – Shimi Tavori Yesh Li Chavera – Tipex Erev Shel Shoshanim – Hadudaim Shidduch song – Blue Fringe Siman Tov – Avraham Fried Maaminim Bnei Maaminim – Avraham Fried

#BlueFringe #AvrahamFried #MookE #MomyLevy #GiladSegev #UriBanai #MoshBenAri #Hadudaim #Tipex #ShimiTavori #ZehavaBen

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