Playlist – 2nd April 2015 – Pesach Special

Avadim – Berry Sacharof Ani Eved – Yosi Azulai Walk Like an Egyptian – The Bangles Get Down Moses (Let My People Flow) – HipHopShabbat Chofshi – Quami Lihiyot CHofshia – Peit, Shi 360 & Shimi Mizrachi Chofshia – Sarit Hadad Chofshi Lead – Ahavat Haaretz Avadim Hayinu – YeladuJazz Ma Nishtana – Yidcore Vehi Sheamda – Yidcore Ma Nishtana Vehi Sheamda Avadim Hayinu Adir Hu Pesach Medley Betzet Yisrael Chad Gadya Arbaah Achim

#ShimiMizrachi #BarrySacharof #Peit #AhavatHaAretz #YeladuJazz #Yidcore #Quami #YosiAzulai #TheBangles #Pesach #SaritHadad #Passover #Shi360 #HipHopShabbat

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