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Playlist – 30th July 2015 – Dudu Aharon / The Revivo Project new albums feature

HaKol Kore BeTel Aviv – Dudu Aharon Terminal 3 – Dudu Aharon Tavini – Dudu Aharon Pariz o Aroma – Dudu Aharon Overet Muli – Dudu Aharon Mashehu Kore Po – Dudu Aharon LaUf Itach – Dudu Aharon V’Im Hayinu Yachad – Dudu Aharon HaPerach B’Gani – The Revivo Project Kmo Shikur – The Revivo Project Chakiti Lach Shanim – The Revivo Project Adabra Na Shalom Bach – Idan ben Gal Shir HaMaalot L’David – David Daor & Tomer Hadidi

#IdanBenGal #DuduAharon #DavidDaor #TheRevivoProject #TomerHadidi

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