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Playlist – 6th March 2014: The Wedding Special!

Broadcasting live just a few hours before his wedding, Antithesis brings all the big tunes on a wedding theme and welcomes various well-wishers in the studio and on the phones! (sorry it took us a little long to get this one up – we were busy!)

Click here to listen on the website

Harei At Mekudeshet Li – Shlomi Shabat Titchaten Iti – Julieta Lehinase Haliaila – Lior Meira Ad HeChatune Ze Ya’avor – Ron Shuval Shvor Et Akos Hatan – HaSaruf Kama Kama – Sarit Hadad Yismach Chatani – Itzik Kala Hora Hatuna – Sallach Shabbati OST Bo LeShalom Chatan – Tzion Golan Et Dodeem Kala – Zohar Argov Od Yishama – Yaakov Shwekey Yosis – Menucha Let’s Get Married (Remix) – Jagged Edge Feat. Reverend Run

#LiorMeira #ReverendRun #RonShuval #SalachShabati #ItzikKala #Menucha #ShlomiShabat #Julieta #ZoharArgov #JaggedEdge #SaritHadad #wedding #HaSaruf #ZionGolan #YaakovShwekey

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