Playlist – May 4th 2017: Yom Haatzmaut Special

Mazal – Eyal Golan & Omer Adam Yesh Li Rak Otach – Eyal Golan Begadim V’Matanot – Eyal Golan Nishefet Kmo Yalda – Eyal Golan Sara Shara – Sarit Hadad Chaim Shelcha – Sarit Hadad Beten Gav – Sarit Hadad Lo Toda – Sarit Hadad Al Tite’i Baderech – Eyal Golan Choneket MiAhava – Eyal Golan LaShir V’Kadurregel – Eyal Golan Al Tagidi Li Lo – Eyal Golan Jetlag – Sarit Hadad Seret Aravi – Sarit Hadad Hi Meohevet – Sarit Hadad

May the 4th be with you!

#EyalGolan #OmerAdam #SaritHadad

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