Playlist – October 6th 2013

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Gever Italki – Maor Edri Yalla Yalla – Maor Edri Til Balisti – Maor Edri Ten Lazman Lalechet – Alon Ben Ziv with Fishy Hagadol Normali – Pablo Rosenberg Yesh Li Armon – Tal Belkrovitch HaShvil HaZe – Roni Silver T’zel Etz Tamar VeOr Yareach – Zohar Argov Saturday Morning – Arik Einstein Chai (Alive) Stav Mesukan- David Broza Rachem – Ben Zion Soloman & Sons Higale Na – Arerat Yedid Nefesh – Green

#PabloRosenberg #DavidBroza #FishyHagadol #BenZionSoloman #Arerat #ArikEinstein #RoniSilver #MaorEdri #AlonBenZiv #ZoharArgov #TalBelkrovitch

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