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Recording the First Show

Antithesis in the studio, recording the first show (with hat!)

Antithesis in the studio, recording the first show (with hat!)

The first show is done and in the bag! Confused? Well, Radio TLV1 has not yet launched, but unfortunately I’m not available to do the shows live for the first couple of weeks, so they are being prerecorded.

This is why a couple of days ago I found myself in the studio with my music, proudly presenting the first edition of Kol Cambridge in 6½ years! Very exciting.

It really felt great to be back in the studio, behind the microphone and bopping away to the music (having turned up in the in-studio speakers as loud as possible) – and seeing the station’s founder bopping away through the glass as well! It’s a great show we have for you – some super tunes including some brand new releases and of course a most marvellous competition.

Former listeners may recall that I had a hat that I would wear for every show. I don’t really remember why, but I started doing it and it sort of continued. I vaguely thought that I might have it lying around somewhere – after a bit of hunting I was very excited to find it…but, I will be honest, it was in a bit of a state! Fortunately in the past few years, due to my work, I have become rather familiar with top laundry techniques (sounds bizarre, I know!) so I was able to return it to an almost new, glistening whiteness, and proudly wore it for the recording. It will continue to be with me for future shows – nothing like a tradition, right?

More news next week on the date the first show will be broadcast but in the interim I am pleased to confirm that it will be available as a podcast and even (I am assured) searchable on iTunes. More on that when I have it.

Meanwhile, keep sending in your requests and dedications!


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