The best in Israeli music: Kol Cambridge Playlist – 17th December 2015

Kol Cambridge brings you the best in Israeli and Jewish music every two weeks! Today’s show is truly fantastic with some huge new releases in the mizrachi scene. We are loving the new track from Sharif and also don’t miss the new hot talent Shaked Komemi’s Bli Shekel BaKisim.

To listen to the show, visit the TLV1 website

Leharim T’matzav Ruach – Sharif Asinu Historia – Lior Narkis Ani Chozer – Ron Shuval Shtayim V’Esrim – Moshe Trabelsi HaKol Kore B’Tel Aviv – Dudu Aharon & Sharif Bli Shekel BaKisim – Shaked Komemi Ktzat Lismoach – Maor Daniel Nidfok Od Chaser – Idan Bakshi Oto Davar – Boomerang & DJ Smiley HaSultan – Messika & Nasrin Yalla Bo Navi et Ze – Reva L’Africa I Love U Till I Die – Sarit Hadad & DJ Ofer Nisim Ata Yodea – Maya Avraham Im Techaki Li – Peer Tasi Menatzachat BeChayim – Regev Hod

#RegevHod #DuduAharon #IdanBakshi #RonShuval #LiorNarkis #DJOferNisim #MayaAvraham #PeerTasi #Boomerang #MosheTrabelsi #Sharif #Messika #DJSmiley #SaritHadad #ShakedKomemi #Nasrin #RevaLAfrica #MaorDaniel

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