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The best in Israeli music: Kol Cambridge Playlist – 31st December 2015

Kol Cambridge brings you the best in Israeli and Jewish music every two weeks! Among the usual single releases, this show we go deep into new albums from Lior Farchi and Shani Yitzhari. Not to be missed!

To listen to the show, visit the TLV1 website

Yalla Titchaten – Dor Cohen Binyamina – Moshiko Mor Lean Shetelchi – Chen David & Harel Yefet Boi Nirkod – Adiel Tairi & Zehava Ben Medina Soeret – Lior Farchi & Chaim Yisrael Mami Sheli – Lior Farchi Shir HaFrayer – Lior Farchi Yabinti – Shani Yitzhari Yabinti 2015 – Shani Yitzhari Hi Rotza – Shani Yitzhari Tzamud tzamud – Shani Yitzhari Etzlenu BaShuchuna – Shlomi Shabat & Yehuda Poliker Tamid Levad – Boom Pam & Natali Peretz Metziut – Shiran Avraham Tov Lach Ito – Eyal Golan

#YehudaPoliker #HarelYefet #NataliPeretz #LiorFarchi #MoshikoMor #BoomPam #ShlomiShabat #ChenDavid #EyalGolan #DorCohen #ShiranAvraham #ShaniYitzhari #AdielTairi #ZehavaBen #ChaimYisrael

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