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About three weeks ago I got a phone call from a number I did not recognise. I somewhat reluctantly answered the phone…and then came quite a surprise…

The phone call was from the Programme Director at TLV1, a new English language radio station soon to launch, based in Tel Aviv. Without my knowledge, a friend had put her in touch with me, and we were talking about bringing Kol Cambridge back on the air…something I’d been thinking about ever since I left Cambridge.

There were other attempts; the ill-fated trial of Shalom FM in London (they did not get a full license in the end, sadly); discussions with local radio in Geneva while I was living there; I even was talking to a station based in Jaffa last year which seemed quite concrete. Unfortunately things never worked out, for a variety of reasons.

But things seemed different this time. Two weeks ago I went in to record a pilot show. It was wonderful to be back in the studio, behind the microphone, turning up the volume far too loud while playing the tracks. One week later I was meeting with the management to finalise a contract, and soon I will be going in to present the first show of many more to come!

The format will be the just how it was – we’ll open with some of the hottest contemporary tunes; towards the end of the show we’ll take it retro with some classic hits and will close with a Jewish track or two. As with before, I will want to feature some of the biggest Israeli artists on the show, so you should expect some great interviews, although that will take a bit more time to put together.

For now, stay abreast of news by following the blog, liking the Facebook and following us on Twitter.

And please do send us all your requests and shout outs for the special comeback first show. It’s going to be huge! I can’t wait…

Peace for now


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